Tuesday, February 28, 2006

There and Back Again

So, So Sorry. I am back and promise to write once a week. If I haven't told you before(Which I don't believe I have)I have found the secret to
living the life of Riley.Hold onto your hats, here it is: Not only do I have to do what I love,I have to find a *passive* income that supports my artistic lifestyle.
Internet marketing is not working for me, people, and I just dumped it. I am busy
working on the "Passive Plan" to cut the dead-end j.o.b. The key to passive, of course ,is *easy*, hands off.My dream is to sit in my own recording studio, and while I'm making the next hit single, or composing for a TV commercial, I'm making money 24/7 with my products on autopilot. Internet marketing is not easy, it's hard, for me it is, and I hate difficulty! My life is crazy as it is, and then add in internet marketing-uh-uh, no more for me! When I am done, I will provide links to my website(I found out, my website, set-up is all "wrong" so I have to do it over) and my product pages and what is to me the ULTIMATE *passive* home business. See yah next week!