Sunday, June 26, 2005

Some Light Reading

I am going to be disappearing for a week, so I'm going to give you some links to look at. Etymologies and Word Origins The definition of the phrase "living the life of Riley".(scroll down the page) The next link is Phrase and Word Origins at and last but not least is the Weekly Worker website at Heh heh, I'll never have a pension. Read all about how much the world is fair and I'll get back to you on Sunday.

Game OVER!

OK, I have just about had it-no, I have had it! My stupid little city put another article in this Sundays paper, more statistics about how many graduates get a job, and what a full-time employed person made in 2003. OK, I SHOULD have made $44,900-median. Get this-do you know what a person who had LESS than HIGH SCHOOL made in 2003? Ready for this? $18,900. *Silence* I have a 4-year degree and I make MUCH less than someone who did not even finish high school!!You can argue and say that I should just leave this stupid city, but how can you when you don't even make enough money to move out of state!!! Not every employer will help you move, so where does that leave me? Stuck here.Is this true for you too? Kinda makes you wonder what kind of world you live in when you spend money on a degree and get nothing but a piece of paper and a BILL, when drop-outs can reach higher heights than you, something is EXTREMELY wrong, But, I have a plan. I am chasing The Life of Riley, and what I have recently latched onto to change my life is just about-God willing, in my grasp. Funny, but I was thinking one thing would take me there...but I've found something better and easier than the main way. "Mordor" has kept me and my family down for way too many years...they will pay for their ugliness. For all of you who KNOW where" Mordor" lies, and you were able to escape...keep reading and let us have the last laugh. As the wizard has sung, "Tables Will Turn". The universe will at last grant me what my heart desires.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Got To Keep On Keepin' On

Well, here I am again. I have been away trying to start my "new business" venture. I have gotten responses, but no one is actually giving me cash yet. It does seem promising, after spending over a year doing internet marketing, and it not working. *sigh* in the words of the wizard TR-I (song "Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel") I got to keep on keepin' on there's nothing else I can do. I am on a path chasing Riley and I'm NOT going to give up. As for the comment to my first blog. Yeah, I'm in the wrong state alright-New York! I hate New York. I would get a better "day job" pay in another state, but, I am long over the romance of having a "real and perfect" job. I want to work for myself-at home-and I can do that Anywhere! Georgia, London, France, Belize, and yes, of course Arizona.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

On the Road to Financial Freedom

Hey, here I am again it's almost 11:30pm and I am just getting to my blog. I just watched the Tony Awards this week, and the MTV Movie awards, and there is one thing that I've noticed about all this people: They are HAPPY. I am trying to get there. What I am doing is trying to find a "smart" job that I can automate that I only have to work 1-2 hours a day. I really think that I have found "the thing" that is going to get me out of my day job and do what I REALLY want to do in life. What is that, you ask? Keep tuning in on my progress, and find out.....

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Getting Rid of the Day Job

Yeah, it sounds good, but it's not that easy. You have to eat, pay bills and live. Why should we have to live from pay check to pay check though? I refuse to believe that everyone has to work most of their lives doing what they believe that they have to do. Unhappy, stuffing you face full of food, under a lot of stress, etc. If everyone liked what they did for a living, the world would be a better place. I really hate my job. I have a four year degree, which according to a newspaper article this past Sunday from a study based on incomes by degree in 2003, a college graduate should be earning-in the median, now, $900.00 per week. Do you any of you with college degrees earn $900.00 a week??? I work part-time, the only job I could get out of college-this will be the "13th" year I have been there. Know how much I make? $402.00 a month!!! I just got a "raise" last month, so I have been earning less, the last 12 years. Why am I praising the Life of Riley? My job is a go-for job. Gopher. I am a musician living in a city that does not really support musicians. A few people are trying to do something "now", and make it less of a hick city but it's way too late now for me to care. I am determined to end my miserable career of gopherdom and become economically sovereighn. How, you ask? Just stay tuned.