Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June Update

We are in the process of working on a song(s) that we will be

putting on Myspace, and other websites that allow you to

purchase Mp3's.

I've been neglecting, well, putting music on the back burner

for now, because I am still trying to find quality information

online that will actually work, so I can raise the money that

I need.

There are no professional studios here where I live,

so I have to either record myself, or hire

Discmakers to master our demo. The only way to do

that is to raise the money.

I've just completed reading a 16-page report by Willie

Crawford, a very well respected marketer, and I am

going to follow what he says to do for building a list.

'The Money is in the List!' I have tried doing that with

free list builders that have never worked, so now I am

going to try something new, that Willie Crawford has


So, I will keep you updated once a week from now on

of my progress, and sometime this year, I will finally

get my music out online!