Thursday, January 28, 2010

Music Promotion

Every week I'll be listing websites that can
help you promote and sell your music. This is
a four day Internet course I found so you can get
your own Internet radio station started.

It might be hard(most likely) to get played on
the major stations. So why not create your own
and play your music on it? Once my music
group is heard, I know I'll be doing the same

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Latest News

Musically, we have come to a solution
but we need cash to buy what we need-
which is software.
We still have not found that memory card
for MTV MG.
Presently, we are planning to sell an ebook
this coming Friday which I hope will result
in the sales that we need, which will finally
get us out of this financial funk we've been
in for years. We'll be using the....
Amazon Best Seller Strategy

Even better is that we have found information
online a couple of years ago that helps you
sell products(books, mainly)without having
to do the typical domain name, hosting, website
building, buying traffic, etc. But, these people
who were teaching the course or having a seminar
charged thousands of dollars for this information.

I didn't have it. But now I do. How?
Someone else teaches the same thing, but HE put it
into a book that was affordable to buy!!!
Get this, he had a PDF version of one book, and I
was able to buy it through Paypal using
Associated Content money, so it was like getting
thousands of dollars for free! What did it cost?

So, before the end of the month, I'll let you know
how the 'Amazon Best Seller Strategy' goes. Next month,
I'll be giving you music news.