Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Okay! It's been a few years since I've started this blog, and although I have not yet caught Riley, I am one step closer to doing it. I've had one success last year, and that is I have found a publisher that will publish three of my books. One this year, two next year.
Even though that is part of my dream coming true, it still does not allow me to just work from home, and all(as far as I know) digital publishers do not give advances, just royalties. The debt I spoke on in earlier posts is still there. It's gone way down since then, though, but it is not gone like I want it to be. So I've found a few ways to make money, but it's very slow going.
One thing I want to duplicate, that I know would get rid of all the debt, is publishing on Kindle. I have twenty titles on there now, and only six are consistently selling. None of them are fiction titles, though. So, right now I am working on writing fiction for Kindle. It would be nice to reach the success that Amanda Hocking has, but even if I have just a fraction of her success now, that would mean I would be at least debt free.
So! In the next three months, this is what I want to accomplish:
1. Become debt free
2. Have enough money to quit my day job
3. Make a consistent $5,000+ a month
4.Jump Start My Music Career
My plan is just to write, write, write until the following is accomplished. If John Locke can sell a million books in just five months, I figure I can do at least have as good as he did when I put some effort into it. I do have
another trick up my sleeve that will help get rid of the burden of debt, but I will only mention it in April when I will report the results of my New Years' resolution.
As for music, it still all boils down to getting software. I'm kind of afraid to use other peoples "free" royalty free music, or public domain music. I did a video for Youtube, and I get an email from them saying that the song I used belonged to some company! I didn't dispute it, but I checked the song on my hard drive. The person who gave me the music called it 'PLR' or something like that, and said that I could put my name on it
and use it as I wished. So, I am going to have to buy my royalty free music and I just don't have the cash now. So, this plan has got to work for my New Years' Resolutions to come true.
As I continually say, I will try to post at least once a month, so at least let you know I am still actively working.