Saturday, April 22, 2006

Finally On The Right Path

I am totally, absolutely positive that this is going to be it! I CANNOT believe I actually found a music software program that is *100% Free* and that works without any time limits. We have(my sister and I) have put together 20 songs to be copyrighted, and we are just about ready to record them. When that is done, they will be uploaded to *special* music websites where we will wait for the money to roll in. When I have had success with this, I will be writing a course which will be free to those who subscribe to this blog-for a limited time. Know what's funny? I actually joined a music group in MSN to find out if anyone would be interested in learning this stuff, and you know what? I checked and NO ONE responded!! I guess they are satisfied with making little to no money in bars, than to do it the easy way-which I am doing. I will check again, just to see if anyone cares-if they don't they'll have to pay the price, because I am charging BIG money for it. I am so excited because I am sooooo close now, if this works the way I want it to and fast enough, I will be kissing my miserable day job good bye in a month. (hopefully LESS than a month)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

On The Right Road

Thank God for my love of surfing the internet! I happened
To sign up for an "Indie" newsletter and found a goldmine
of a website where I can license my music. My sister and
I are in the process of going through songs and we are
going to record them this weekend. Then, we are going to
copyright them, then upload our music to this golden
website! I'm still trying to figure out Adsense, but
music has GOT to be first in my life now. As you have
heard me say: I want to work from home doing what I
Want to do. So, thus, begins my
journey on the right road.