Friday, September 10, 2010

Music Update

O.K.! We have come to the same problem....again. Hooking up the Playstation/Playstation 2 to the computer, so we can use the songs that we have already written, and get you to hear them. It hasn't worked-yet. In the meantime, we are working on another project: Become-Financially-Independent. I've found a home business that I love, and though I hit some snags, I have made money, more money than on Associated content in a short period of time, yet, it's not enough to get me out of my day job.

So....that's why you haven't heard anything from me in a looonnnngggg tiiiiiimmmme. Our ringtones? Not perfect yet, we're still working on those, the first one, we sent out in the open on Associated Content, and not many people listened. Then later, I read that audio stuff is not what a lot of people are interested in on AC. Big surprise! Well, anyway I have to post some interesting content. If you have ever watched American Idol, I  knew that once the big guys dissed Paula Abdul by not giving her more money, and she left, that was the beginning of the end of the show.

Simon left this season, then Ellen(who was so cool on the show!) and now, the latest and the least of the judges I liked Kara DioGuardi has now left the American Idol building. I really can't think of Anybody who
can replace Paula and Simon. Kara, definitely can be replaced, but not Simon and Paula. Those two, and Randy Jackson branded the show. Uh, oh, I hope he doesn't leave now!!! Randy, if you find this obscure blog and you read this, please don't leave the show!!!! I have heard through the grapevine, they are thinking of Steven Tyler and J-Lo as possible judges. I got nothing against them but, we need someone else, either way. Someone experienced like Simon, or hot like Tommy Lee.  Tommy Lee ...*sigh*..I'd love to see his hotness every week. Todd Rundgren knows the music Industry like anybody's business. He'd be a terrific Judge for the show. It'd get him out of the New Cars, the ONLY group I don't like that he ever was in!
If you don't know who Todd Rundgren is, there you go! He needs to be on the show he's a great songwriter, producer, musician, and all-around cool artist. Well, I've said enough, got to get back to what I was doing...but I'll be back sooner than later.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Oooh Yeah! We're Working On Music

O.K. we have been working on music on and off, but
this week we will be putting more effort into it. Yes, I
will finally list where we have ringtones, after we make
a few more.

We've found some royalty free music and, other free
music that we can work with. Kind of like MTV Music
Generator. No, we haven't found that lost memory card
yet, but we will. So just know that we're working on stuff,
and when we're done, we'll provide links, and even a
Youtube Video.

We're so excited!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Only The Beginning....

O.K., last week we put our first ringtone up on a website. Yay!
Right now that same ringtone is on three websites, and submitted
to a third. I'll say where, when we have put together a promotional
plan, so you can finally hear, what we, DNJR are doing and tell
your friends. Gotta go, more next week.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

We Have Finally Done It!

We have made two ringtones. It's
like having Mtv Music Generator back, but only with wav files. It works
great with our Mixcraft software. All we have to do is sweeten it up, and
make a few more then we'll let you know where they are. I've got to make
a music plan to dominate the Internet, so all you'll hear about for awhile,
are the new ringtones we put out. Once the plan is in place, I would like 
to make a single, do a video for it and put it on YouTube, but that's for
later on. Maybe next month, we'll see.
Anyway, I see Riley smiling at me from a distance. I can almost see him
smile and beckon me to come forward. I nod to him and prepare to 
enjoy the rest of the journey.


Saturday, February 06, 2010

Music Website For February

This is a great website!
Create your own T-shirts,
ringtones and stuff in your own
store. It connects to Twitter,
Facebook, you get your own
profile, promo tools, marketing,
this website has it all! Go sign up.
I am....eventually.

Coming Soon.....

Alright. Music coming out this week in the
form of ringtones only. I'll be putting them
on my Myspace page, video sharing sites,
and the lot.

Right now, I'm focusing on a plan I made
last week, so I can finally jump ahead and
get closer to Riley. More on that, when
I get to the deadline.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Music Promotion

Every week I'll be listing websites that can
help you promote and sell your music. This is
a four day Internet course I found so you can get
your own Internet radio station started.

It might be hard(most likely) to get played on
the major stations. So why not create your own
and play your music on it? Once my music
group is heard, I know I'll be doing the same

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Latest News

Musically, we have come to a solution
but we need cash to buy what we need-
which is software.
We still have not found that memory card
for MTV MG.
Presently, we are planning to sell an ebook
this coming Friday which I hope will result
in the sales that we need, which will finally
get us out of this financial funk we've been
in for years. We'll be using the....
Amazon Best Seller Strategy

Even better is that we have found information
online a couple of years ago that helps you
sell products(books, mainly)without having
to do the typical domain name, hosting, website
building, buying traffic, etc. But, these people
who were teaching the course or having a seminar
charged thousands of dollars for this information.

I didn't have it. But now I do. How?
Someone else teaches the same thing, but HE put it
into a book that was affordable to buy!!!
Get this, he had a PDF version of one book, and I
was able to buy it through Paypal using
Associated Content money, so it was like getting
thousands of dollars for free! What did it cost?

So, before the end of the month, I'll let you know
how the 'Amazon Best Seller Strategy' goes. Next month,
I'll be giving you music news.