Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Music Business

It’s a sad thing to admit, but, everything I’ve
Learned in music business school didn’t
Amount to anything. I wish someone would
Have told me you don’t have to be signed
To a record label, you can do it yourself!
The old music Industry, has always been
And will continue to be..ugly. I mean, who
Wants to sell a million CD’s and after all
The cuts from, management, lawyer,
Producer, agent, album design, touring
Ect., all you get is a few measly thousand
Dollars? See . http://www.negativland.com/albini.html
For a clear example. It’s pretty bad, folks.
Don’t let the glamour of American
Idol fool you. I prefer the New Music Industry
Business. The one where, the Indies get
Their own CD’s made, sell them and keep
All the profit themselves. The magic words
Are downloads and licensing. That’s all you
Need to know about the music business. If
You can properly set-up a website where
People can download your MP3’s, and
Score your own licensing deals, you’re
Set. Don’t like the j.o.b.? Get a passive
Income In place so you can focus on your
Music. There is a vast amount of quality
Resources to help you along your way.
If you want a career in music, this is
one blog to check out often. I am giving
away a *free* music course by the end of
June, 2006 to all who are interested,
because I need testimonials. What is in
the course? It consists of two parts:
The first part is: The music system.
It is a system that I created that instead
of getting little to no sales, you get a
huge payment for doing something "one time."
part two of the course is Passive Income.
First I'll start with Adsense, then add on
two other strong money-makers. If this type of
course sounds good to you, then opt-In on
my website, Rhy'thmic Exprezions at:
I am testing part two and it is working.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Ever Onward

O.k. I tried a "professional" demo on this
"free" software. It still sounds terrible!
I guess I am just going to have to do this
the "old fashioned" way for now-sending in
a demo, instead of just burning it to CD
and uploading, I mean, this was the
WHOLE point of what I am trying to do!
Using the internet-because it's"faster"!
Should I search for better software? Will
it still suck if its free software? I don't
know. Oh! about the MSN group posting, two
people responded about wanting to try my
free music course(for testimonials)I will
do a cassette demo as a back-up,but, I
STILL have to do this online. This course
is supposed to make musicians' lives easier
Maybe I should step back and think a bit.
Is there something that I'm missing in this
plan? Is that why it's so frustrating?
I'll let you know this week.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Road Block

OK, the *free* software works great with my voice,
but not my mixer. I am going to try a pro demo I
have and play it through the software, but if it
doesn't work, I'll have to do the demo "the old
fashioned way"! ??!! I cannot afford to buy new
software since I am in debt up to the roof of my
head. I spoke about Adsense before, but again, I
can't pay for hosting. I actually have three free
Adsense sites already set up, that just need up-
loading and hosting, and the free hosting sites
are just plain crap!! So, I am still going
to do music,I am working on a book idea I hope
I can sell by synopsis, and a mail order plan.
I'll keep you posted later this week.