Friday, May 05, 2006

Ever Onward

O.k. I tried a "professional" demo on this
"free" software. It still sounds terrible!
I guess I am just going to have to do this
the "old fashioned" way for now-sending in
a demo, instead of just burning it to CD
and uploading, I mean, this was the
WHOLE point of what I am trying to do!
Using the internet-because it's"faster"!
Should I search for better software? Will
it still suck if its free software? I don't
know. Oh! about the MSN group posting, two
people responded about wanting to try my
free music course(for testimonials)I will
do a cassette demo as a back-up,but, I
STILL have to do this online. This course
is supposed to make musicians' lives easier
Maybe I should step back and think a bit.
Is there something that I'm missing in this
plan? Is that why it's so frustrating?
I'll let you know this week.

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