Monday, May 01, 2006

Road Block

OK, the *free* software works great with my voice,
but not my mixer. I am going to try a pro demo I
have and play it through the software, but if it
doesn't work, I'll have to do the demo "the old
fashioned way"! ??!! I cannot afford to buy new
software since I am in debt up to the roof of my
head. I spoke about Adsense before, but again, I
can't pay for hosting. I actually have three free
Adsense sites already set up, that just need up-
loading and hosting, and the free hosting sites
are just plain crap!! So, I am still going
to do music,I am working on a book idea I hope
I can sell by synopsis, and a mail order plan.
I'll keep you posted later this week.

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