Monday, October 26, 2009

Blast It All!!!

We have so much music, copyrighted,
and more yet to be, but for the life
of me, I cannot figure out how to
connect MTV Music Generator to
the computer. I've been searching
for articles frantically online, and it's
definitely confusing, as one person
says how difficult it is, another that
there is a way to do it. It doesn't help
that my television is an old model and
it doesn't include hookups for the red
and white connectors.


As for my other iron in the fire, writing is going
well. I've completed six manuscripts. Two of
them ebooks and one is on sale at Scribd.
Just visit:
to check it out. I am still earning about
$10-$15 a month from Associated
Content (Whoop Dee Doo!) I'm still
trying to figure out how to get more
page views, 'cause if I can manage that,
it will get me one step closer to Riley.
How Close am I now? Let's see...See that graph up there? You can't
really see it that well, I know. I'm not a master of doing my own graphs
yet, I used an online website. What you see at the bottom, the splat,
is where I'm at now. I didn't get past it. The end is where I want to be. the
point where I have caught Riley. I'll do a better graph next month,
and hopefully I can get past that blasted splat!