Monday, May 18, 2015

Chasing Riley 2015

Sorry I have not been blogging as I should have. I am juggling more projects and my blogs are left behind. I am making progress, although in micro steps. I am going to stick with what I said, years ago. I am going to become financially free with publishing first, then I will go back to doing music which my sister and I are anxious to do. I have found a way to write faster and hopefully this time my books will be something lots of people want to buy. I have 13 books published now, that do not sell every day. The Amazon rankings are 100K and above.

I had more, but had to let them go, because they weren't selling. So now I am focusing on something new to publish, and by July I'm hoping things will be looking a whole lot better and I will almost grab hold of Riley and stop chasing it. One thing I've learned is that you have to sell what people want. So that's just what I will do. Okay, back to work! I cannot promise, but I will try to do one post a month. So look for one in June on how well I am progressing.