Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Music Careers

I am still seeking that ever elusive way to make money online without doing anything. I am already testing one program, and am about to start another money-making project. In the meantime, I am a content producer at Associated Content. I've joined this March, and have already made over $1,000!

It doesn't put a dent in my debt, but it sure does help out a lot! My computer has broken down three times, so I just got a replacement for "free". It pays to have extended warranties on any product you buy, believe me! Anyway, here is an article that I've written a while back. I will be posting them on here when I am busy in my other pursuits. Enjoy, and join Associated Content and make some cash! http://www.linkbrander.com/go.php?linkid=37081
Here's the article.