Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Latest News

We will be entering a songwriting contest this month, and I have
given attention to my Myspace page.
I have asked a lot of people to be on my friends list like
Madonna, Sting, Quincy Jones, Take 6,
Beyonce and more and they all said yes!!!

I went from having just 19 or so friends to 141 (probably more
now, because I haven't been there in a few days) within a week!
Most of the friendships are the Official. There are also some Indie
musicians and unsigned artists/bands who have requested me as
a friend. Two "famous" artists/ bands asked requested ME to be
a friend,and that was cool, so very cool! So, that's all for now.
I'll be saying more on December 31st, so look out for that post!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What's New

I am getting back to where I started when I was trying to create ring tones. I'll be doing an article about all the places where you can sell your own ring tones. When it is published in Associated Content, I will be putting it here.

I will also be working with my sister to make a single, of something we already copyrighted-nothing new. I had a problem with the copyright office that was just plain "Weird" so I will get into detail about that much, much later down the road. The best thing I can tell you, is when you want to copyright, go to the website, and check for the fees before you mail anything out. That's it for now. I'll have some interesting stuff for you next week!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Music Careers

I am still seeking that ever elusive way to make money online without doing anything. I am already testing one program, and am about to start another money-making project. In the meantime, I am a content producer at Associated Content. I've joined this March, and have already made over $1,000!

It doesn't put a dent in my debt, but it sure does help out a lot! My computer has broken down three times, so I just got a replacement for "free". It pays to have extended warranties on any product you buy, believe me! Anyway, here is an article that I've written a while back. I will be posting them on here when I am busy in my other pursuits. Enjoy, and join Associated Content and make some cash!
Here's the article.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I'm Baaaaack!!!

O.K. I have suffered last month and that has put me behind again-as if I don't have enough problems, put some tragedy in my life, and see how better things will go! Life goes on, even though there is a big empty space in your heart. Anyway, I have joined four music websites, and very soon, my music is going to go on them. So then you will hear what I sound like-"Finally"! I will keep you updated on what I am doing. Well, if you want a clue, you can go to this website right here. Like I have said previously, I want to create a system where I don't have to do anything but focus on my music-this is part of it.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Get Paid By Advertisers To Blog!

If you want to review products and websites on your blog and get paid
go and sign up at , it's free. Once you have
your blog approved, advertisers will pay you to review! Pay is from
$4-$25 dollars each. You get paid every month through Paypal. This
is one website I am trying to reach my goal. So go ahead, and get more
money than Google for your blog!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Update: Catching Up To Riley

Right now, I am continuing the search of finding
an online business to support me in music and
all of my other interests. I have found two such
companies, but they will take "awhile" to generate
an income every month that I am looking for. So,
right now, I am writing to earn money. I've made
a little bit as a reviewer, nothing that would put
a dent in my debt, so I am speeding up the process
this weekend. Still thinking about music, what with
American Idol, and The Grammys last Sunday. I
will try my best to keep an update on my progress
once a week.