Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Free Music Course Part One: Copyright

Needless to say, but, the minute that you create a work
It is already coprighted. To be on the safe side, you must
register your work with The Library of Congress. If anyone
steals/ samples your work, that is the best way to prove the
Music is yours. So do not upload any music on the web until
you officially register it with the library of congress. Here is
the link: http://www.copyright.gov Any questions you have,
there is a thorough FAQ section. You can print off any forms
you need it's a great site. They just changed the fee not too
long ago, by the way. It's $45.00 now. Check for these
changes regularly.
Berklee Shares
I am totally busy, so I found a great site that can teach you
what I cannot do right now. I have to thank Berklee for this.
If you have not heard of Berklee School of Music, then surf
on over to the website and find out right now! Big names
have come this school, and Quincy Jones is on the board
of Trustees. What these good people have done was create
free courses that anyone can take. Go to http://www.berkleeshares.com and take the next part of this
course "Music Business & Careers". It has 27 parts. By the time
you are done, I should be finished testing the best websites
online to sell your music. Tell all your musician friends about
this website.

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Free Music Course

The Long Awaited Music Course Has Finally Arrived!
The best thing about it, is that I have found a website that will give you free music courses so that makes my job much easier! There will be two parts. Part one: Copyright, Berklee Shares, then, The Best Sites To Sell Your Music On The Internet. Part Two: The Only Passive Income Program You Will Ever Need. I believe that this work-at-home, easy-to-do program will work-and if it does, every musician can quit their day jobs forever and just focus on making music. Part One: Copyright, and Berklee Shares will be available Monday, September 4. Be Sure To Sign Up, so you can be notified when each course is ready to be viewed.