Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Branding Myself

This month will be the beginning of branding myself as
a musician. I read an article from an Internet guy about
a music millionaire, who used his brain and social networking
(free marketing people, stop using adwords!) to create a
name for himself in the music business.

DNJR will follow in his footsteps one day at a time. We
are in the process of finding our music.(a memory card
is missing!!!) We have created the most recent, and
what we consider best, music using MTV Music Generator.

Don't laugh because it's a video game. Brother and sister
duo Kellin and Taryn Manning (BoomKat) got a record deal
creating songs with it. Yep, you heard me right.

While people are being layed-off and living in tents, there
was a major change where I work. A new director stepped
in(they couldn't stand the last one) and she totally killed
my department. Three people having to do something new.
I'm pretty still in 'can't believe it' mode, the other doesn't know
where she's going, and the last in my department, my boss,
is leaving her heart behind. *Sigh*

Well, I can't complain too much, I worked
myself up(not that I had a choice...) to eight jobs in that
department, so now I'm down to one department.
But, I still have at least five jobs there-on minimum
wage, no less! So, when I read an article about how a
guy-a "rapper" became a millionaire from nothing,
(FREE ADVERTISING!!)you KNOW I am going to follow.

I'll carve out my own niche and customize his plan to
one that's right for me, and then I'll leave J.O.B. for

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