Sunday, August 19, 2012

Getting Closer To Catching Riley

*Sigh*. No, I'm not yet close to getting my music out yet, but a way to become financially independent is. Well, one good thing is that I do have a publishing contract for a series. My first book will be out in October. Instead of endlessly searching for things to do to make money, I have focused on three things:
  • Writing(my publisher+ Kindle, Smashwords and other websites like them)
  • Teaching(online)
  • Crowdfunding
 So, I am hoping by the end of next month to be debt free, and therefore able to purchase the software and equipment I need to get my music online and heard by millions of people. So, you will hear from me once more this month, and will hear the final verdict next month. Will I have caught Riley? Will I finally be able to just wake up every day and work at home? Stay tuned and find out....

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