Monday, June 13, 2016

Still Chasing Riley 2016

Alot has happened. I was sick last year for more than six months. This year, about three weeks. It has been hard trying to work when you don't feel well. Then, not being able to.  Now that I am just about feeling great, for once,  I can get back to it.

Seriously, the whole point of this blog is to earn an income that will not only make me financially independent, but will have me working at home. I am still trying to get my e books to sell. It's frustrating seeing people who are selling hundreds and thousands of books a day, and I'm not even making bus fare with my books.

What has changed? If you also want to become a writer, please take this very important advice. FICTION sells on Amazon. If anyone tries to tell you non-fiction is the best thing to sell to pay the bills,  they are misleading you. I've done a cookbook, children's books, and it is not the same as FICTION.

SO, having said that. I am actively writing again. I got an editor working on one book, and I will keep writing and publishing, hoping that in a few months(according to one course that I took) that I should make enough sales. If I make enough sales and become financially free, that means I would have caught Riley, at last. I will keep you posted on my progress and success. Once I have caught Riley, I would be more than happy to share what worked in free case studies.

I have not forgotten my first love, music. I just have to get past the first step.

Until next month......

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