Friday, June 09, 2006

And The Bell In My Head Did Ring....

It's still cold here in Mordor, but at least I finally got the point. I found a better software package to use, and ordered it. The email just came in about receiving my payment, so I should be able to begin to "seriously" record this weekend. Only three people have shown an interest in my "music" course, so I have to send the word out to more music websites and blogs. I have found a better way to make money in music:no gigs, no record deal. People are doing it every day, and this month, I will be too-FINALLY!!!! I am not giving up making a living on the internet-but music is going to be first for a change. I'm almost catching up to Riley. I hope this works fast, so I can finish the course, quit the day job, and help others in the process. Oh! Almost forgot, I am changing this blog starting tomorrow. I will be putting on links, and the course will be previewed here for all to see *free* of charge. I will just be telling you step by step what I have done to make money with my music. I'll leave the course here free for a limited time only. 'Cause, if this works like I think it will, I'm charging big bucks for it, so tell all your musician friends while you can. I'll write the first part this coming week.

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