Friday, July 07, 2006

Music Update

Here I am, and nearly raring to go. I have got some great software that I have found online, have the money to copyright my songs. All I need is to know how to get the music to the computer! You see, my sis and I have created over 100 songs, but the songs we intend to copyright are from Mtv Music Generator. Oh Yeah! We have created some super hot songs we are sure will get us some immediate fans. I went to a forum to find out about how to hook up the Playstation to the computer, and everybody has their own way of doing it. I can't shell out any more money to buy any extra parts-not that I can find them! The local Radio Shack where I live just closed about two weeks ago, and our downtown area is dead, so I gotta come up with something "creative". I made up an outline for my music course, but I just told the music group at MSN I'm not giving out the course until I know it works for me first. I found the "golden" websites, have the books to promote and stuff. So, now, all it boils down to is hooking up the Playstation to the computer. *sigh* This will be quite interesting to see how it turns out.

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